When will the competition be held?

The competition will run across three weekends in May and June as follows:

Saturday 19 May 2018

Heat one – Primary school music heat
Heat two – Primary school dance heat

Saturday 26 May 2018

Heat three – Secondary school music heat
Heat four – Secondary school dance heat

Saturday 9th June, 2018
Grand Final

Where will the competition be held?

At the Riverwalk Stage (outside Shingle Inn), Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade, Maroochydore, Queensland.
In the event of bad weather, please note an alternative indoor location offsite will be arranged.

What categories can my school enter?

There are four categories schools can compete in – primary school dance, primary school music, secondary school dance and secondary school music. Please note that each school can only put forward one act per category.

What if my school’s performance contains elements of both dance and music?


If students engage in singing or playing an instrument of any kind throughout their performance, they will need to enrol in the music category. Please note that while minor dance moves will be accepted as part of a music performance, judges’ scores will be based on music-related factors and entertainment value as opposed to choreography.

What has changed following last year’s competition?


In past years, only the winning school in each category received Sunshine Plaza Gift Cards to be divided among students in addition to the cash prize. We recognise students put significant effort into their performances, and we want to reward them as well as the schools they attend! That’s why we are now offering a mixture of cash and gift cards for all place-getters, as outlined below.

Rest assured the total prize pool has not changed; the new structure simply allows students participating in the grand final to take home an individual prize in addition to the school cash prize.

What prizes are on offer?


The total prize pool is valued at $30,000 ex. GST ($7,500 in per category), with all grand final participants taking home a share. Cash and prizes will be distributed as follows for each of the four categories:

First prize: $3,000 cash for school and $1,000 worth of Sunshine Plaza Gift Cards to be divided among students.

Runner-up school prize: Runner-up school prize: $1,500 cash and $500 worth of Sunshine Plaza Gift Cards to be divided among students.

Second runner-up school prize: $1,000 cash and $500 worth of Sunshine Plaza Gift Cards to be divided among students.


How will the winners be chosen?


Three winners will be selected from each heat. Two winners will be selected by the competition judges based on technique, choreography/musicality, performance and entertainment value. The other heat winner will be selected based on public votes via www.sunshineplazabreakthru.com.

The three winners from each heat will compete again as semi-finalists in the grand final. Please note: Sunshine Plaza reserves the right to enter wildcards into the grand final if deemed necessary.

How do I find out the winner of the public vote for each heat?


Heat one and two public vote winners will be announced via the website on Thursday, 24 May. Heat three and four public vote winners will be announced on Thursday, 31 May.

How long should my school’s performance run for?


Performances should run for a maximum of five minutes. Students may finish earlier but are not permitted to exceed this timeframe.

Can I change my school’s allocated performance date?


Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule performance dates as there is only one heat for each Breakthru category.

If my students are selected to be in the grand final, do they need to perform the same routine they delivered in their heat?


Yes, schools must perform the same routine. They are welcome to incorporate feedback from judges as provided at their heat.

Can I bring a backing track with me on the day of my school’s performance?


To ensure the event runs smoothly and our sound team is well-prepared, we require that all backing tracks please be emailed to Kristen Roder at breakthru@freshprm.com.au prior to the event. Alternatively, CDs and USBs can also be posted to Kristen at 8A/35 Seaside Blvd, Marcoola QLD 4564.

What are the dress requirements?


All entrants are asked to wear the Breakthru t-shirt during their performance with black trousers, shorts, tights or skirts. Other accessories or costuming such as hats, bandanas, scarves etc. are accepted (although not required) as long as the Breakthru t-shirt branding is not obstructed. If you are unsure about the acceptability of a particular item of clothing or accessory, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note any additional costume accessories are not part of the judging criteria and will not influence the score awarded.

Can students wear make-up on stage?


Sunshine Plaza considers this to be a personal decision for parents and teachers and respects the decisions made by each participating school.

Students are not required to wear make-up as part of their performance and will not be judged on this basis.

We recognise that some schools use Breakthru as a rehearsal opportunity for upcoming school musicals or dance recitals and therefore prefer to use stage make-up during their performances to prepare students for events later in the year. With this in mind, the use of make-up is accepted on stage, with the final decision resting with parents and teachers.

Please note: While judges may comment on a group’s hair, costuming or make-up if they can see students have gone to a lot of effort to reinforce the theme of their performance, this is not part of the judging criteria and will not influence the score awarded.

What size is the performance area?


The performance area includes a 9600mmx 3600mm (or 34.56m2) raised stage and an additional 2000mmx9600mm space directly in front of the stage on the ground level to accommodate larger groups.

The maximum weight capacity of the stage is 550kg/m2. It is the responsibility of the participating schools to ensure their performance can be conducted safely within the allocated performance area. We suggest a maximum of 35 standing students or 25 seated students on the stage area at any time, with additional students using the ground level area.

Students will be able to access the stage via two sets of stairs: One on the back right (main entry point) and one on the left side of the stage. Access to the ground level performance area is from the left side (when looking from audience).

Can performances include acrobatics or lifts?


For safety reasons, acrobatics (including handsprings) are not permitted in performances. Lifts will only be accepted as part of dance routines if students have been trained to safely execute these maneuvers and if there is physical contact between performers at all times. Performers cannot be thrown in the air.

What equipment will be provided?


Sunshine Plaza will provide microphones, microphone stands and chairs for student use (these can be requested on your registration form and will be set up by our sound technicians prior to the performance).

Schools requiring instruments or dedicated choir microphones are asked to bring these items. Please make sure you pack all necessary leads and that these are easily accessible at the time of your performance. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure all leads have been tested and tagged for safety purposes.

I will be bringing a lot of music equipment with me. Is there anywhere nearby that I can unload it?


You are welcome to use the loading dock located beside the multi-storey carpark (at Coles end of centre) to unload bulky equipment.

An area close to the stage will be allocated for schools to store any instruments or props. While we will have security monitoring the grounds, it is the responsibility of each school to keep watch over its equipment.

Will the event proceed in wet weather?


Yes, as the stage area is located undercover, the competition will proceed at the Riverwalk Stage in the case of light rain.

If heavy rain is predicted, the competition organisers may elect to relocate to an indoor venue nearby where possible. In this instance, we will notify all teachers via phone and email the day prior, and ask that you please look out for these notifications. We ask that teachers have a list of student contact details on hand in order to notify participants of a venue change.

How do I get in contact?


Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Kristen on 0406 546 461 or via breakthru@freshprm.com.au. We look forward to having you involved!

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